Few Random Thoughts

Well here goes…..

Friday, and its April Fools day. Wish I had a clever story of some joke or scenario, but nothing major has happened to me on this day, and I would like to keep it that way. 

Final Four this weekend, cant wait to see what happens in the Cinderella game between Butler and VCU.  I’m all for either team winning as long as they compete in the championship game and make it exciting.  No one likes to watch a boring game.

This tournament has definitely been great in my eyes. Everyone is saying how “mediocre” the field is.  It is a deep amount of talent, spread across the entire nation.  This makes for greater basketball at the college level. This brings about my stance on college players, whom I think should stay in college for two years.  Those two years can grant a student an associate degree in case something tragic were to happen on the court. We shall see what comes with the new NBA CBA. Back to my main thought though.  Mid-Majors are now making a name for themselves and this makes for more upsets and more excitement.  For the dedicated NCAA basketball fan, who doesn’t want more competition. Why wouldn’t you want to sit down and watch all year as teams are in tough, close games.  Lets make it two years in college and we will see some truly great talent come through the college ranks and help put money where it needs to be, with educated students, not rent-a-players. None the less, college hoops and March Madness are still exciting and are underrated to the common professional sports fan.

Real Talk:

Still wondering what today is going to bring. Low level of sleep from last night, but from what I see so far, it is going very well.  Just stay busy and something good will come of it. 

Gotta love some of the characters that you see in life everyday. To me someone I see may be strange and to them I may be one in the same.  But, so be it, I enjoy it. No one is perfect but we all judge and have our own thoughts and perceptions we live off of.  I just cannot believe the  things that occur out in the real world everyday.  I will most definitely begin to hit on those topics in the near future, but for now I will reserve comment in that realm.

Well, First Blog down, hopefully many more to come. Feels good!!

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